Mobility Fitness Institute Improve Physical and Mental State

The Mobility Fitness Institute began in 2006. “The goal is to impact the clients physical and mental state,” said Willie Caldwell founder of the Mobility Fitness Institute.

Caldwell is a veteran who has never received funds for his work in creating The Mobility Fitness Institute. He started the institute because he noticed there were no facilities specializing in the exercise recovery of people who had disabilities. “I know that people with disabilities  need a place where they could have the opportunity to still continue the recovery in the community in which they live,” continued Caldwell. Activity Based Therapy is what is most widely used for those  working toward a full recovery. “I believed designing a program that was athletic based would give our client the best outcome. Athletic Recovery Training implements the principles of sports training to continuously challenge the client in each phase of their recovery,” added Caldwell.

The multi-trainer machine a resistance machine invented by Caldwell where the client can do up to one hundred exercises. Another machine the client can use is the Standing Trainer. Due to my disability, I can only exercise my upper body. I found it interesting that Mobility Fitness Institute has equipment that trains the whole body. The Leg Sled according to Caldwell is “a total lower body strengthening system that works with gravity rather than against it.” Mobility Fitness Institute also has Full body cycles and full body elliptical seated cycles as well as recumbent cycles, upright cycles, standing frames, platform treadmills and ropes.

My fitness journey has been anything but consistent. As the years have passed I would workout sometimes for a short time sometimes for an extended period of time. I usually would see results. The one aspect I never quite felt comfortable in was the gym environment. I found that gyms were usually crowded, people would stay at machines unnecessarily and when I was able to use a machine some were not handicapped accessible.  I would use some machines with weight cables and inevitably my chair would move even with my chair being locked. In the end I bought free weights and decided to workout at home.

Mobility Fitness Institute is open to all disabilities by appointment only. When the client comes to the mobility fitness institute  they are offered a free evaluation the client goes through to see how well they fit with the program. These initial sessions take approximately one hour. After the initial one hour session the trainer can give a more specific course of action for the clients recovery. The name of the institute comes from its two main objectives to give their client more mobility during the course of their recovery and ensure they live a fit lifestyle going forward.